What percentage of your food is local(I'm thinking less than 3 hours away)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Easy Peasy Dessert Recipes

Chia Seed Pudding via Healthy Living How To

Coconut Jelly via Cake on the Brain
Coconut Snacks via PaleOMG

Sunday, July 22, 2012

What don't I get local?

Lots of things. I mean, I could be 100% local which might be the best for me...but in February when the temp is ghastly and Christmas is a distant memory, all I ever want is tropical fruit. Coconut oil and shredded coconut for milk and butter are a staple, almonds as well. I try to cut back on nuts but its hard with a constantly peckish toddler. What I try, TRY not to do is buy things from Argentina when I can buy them down the road. Like apples, kinda sux cause I LOVE them as a kids snack, but we can pick our own in a few months so I'm trying to hold off. A few weeks ago we picked 10 lbs of blueberries, most of which we dehydrated. We did the same with strawberries but we've officially eaten them all :(
So, local, in my personal opinion is buying what you can local, and trying to stay seasonal. I try and research all the "brands" I consume, but it is always a bigger standards risk than the farmer next door.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Savory Broco Pancakes with a Fried Egg

Tonight is Friday. Tomorrow is the farmers market, and until our larger meat share kicks off next week, it is our shopping day. Amd the house is pretty bare. We had some veg, and some eggs, plus a few staples like spices and sprouted almond flour. So we through this together. Pretty tasty, for a whatevers in the fridge night.

Broco Pancakes
Brocolli or stems
1 cup almond flour
1/2 cup coconut flour or shredded coconut
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp garlic powder (real garlic is always better ;)
Pulse broc and stems in food processor. Combine all ingredients.
Place in 375 F oven for approx 20 mins

Top with a fried egg and enjoy.

PS you can add anything on hand to the "pancakes"

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Meals 7/19

End of the week. We broke and bought mince and extra eggs....Approx $11

Breakie, just me today: hard boiled egg
Spoonful ghee
Lunch: pork/eggs
Dinner:mince cabbage rolls

Oh, and we walked to the bookstore but had no snacks, so we broke and bought 2 drinks, and a raw honey sweetened choc bar...approx $11...:( , * sigh

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The most important rules of budgeting

1)Plan ahead: This can be interpreted many ways. We've all heard and probably experienced not going grocery shopping hungry. It can also mean big savings to buy in bulk both locally and online. Farmers often give big discounts to bulk buyers, which pound for pound can really add up. If you can't plunk down that kind of dough at the moment, simply having a meal plan before shopping, and sticking to it, can save you a lot. Which brings us to the next tip.
2)Don't deviate: Budgeting is alot like a diet. For some reason one slip up can quickly fall apart to an all out splurge! I can't count how many times I've skipped breakfast while shopping and ended up ordering in that evening. Although it is far easier not doing that while eating paleo, but we still end up chowing down on all our snacks for the week which means I either have to face an unscheduled trip or a very angry and hungry 2 year old. So try to stick to the budget! If you do slip up, don't go on a free for all, you cant afford it!
3)Think local: Besides being superior in nutrition and freshness, buying food from farmers is cheaper than a retailers. Maybe compared to factory farm foodstuffs, but I don't consider that real food, so I'm obviously not referring to that. Pick your own is a great way to save on expensive fruits, plus kids are amazing fruit pickers! Dd picked the ripest blueberries! Shame none made it to the basket :P
4) Don't be afraid to change things up
My veg share and meat shares both give me creativity challenges each week and I love it! It's a far cry from my childhood which was a series of terrible meals(shake and bake mushy veg and take out) served in rotation. Eating a variety is important both for health and in my opinion sanity!
5) Don't skimp! Sure you could spend $30 a week on antibiotic cannibal meat and pesticide ridden veg but while some paleos think this is better than n eating grains I disagree. I think its important for personal health and to change the way food is grown to eat natural. There are countless risks for eating industrial food. Industrial organic isn't much better by the way, I recommend local whenever possible, try to know exactly where and who your food comes from. Now do I always follow this? No...I love avos and in February I crave bananas, which I'd never have in VT. I know there are bonuses of global food, but what I don't need is apples from Argentina with an orchard down the street. Plus happy animals equals better meat, no source for this but my midwife told me cage chooks produce bad cholesterol eggs while free happy chooks produce good cholesterol eggs. Anyway : Rant over : P

That's all for now folks!

Thinking Local

The family and I live in the great state of Vermont and summer is the ultimate local season. We have both a meatshare from Applecheek Farms, and a Veg share from Fullmoon Farms. While these don't fully cover us, they certainly help. We also have been strawberry and blueberry picking so far. It's looking to be a great season!

Meals 7/18

Cal-1 spoonful of ghee, 1 hb egg and some leftover pork, mince "spaghetti"
Me-1 heaped spoonful of ghee in my tea(terrible idea, much better in coffee), 1, 2 hb eggs, some pickles, 1 piece of nectarine, 1 small reeses pieces shake(cocoa powder, almond butter, and rock melon no one wants to eat from our farm share), pork omelette, mince spaghetti
Numero uno: 1 1/2 hb eggs, 1 small reeses pieces milkshake, pork omlette, nectarine, mince spaghetti.